Accurate, affordable and versatile devices to  measure current – 24/7

ION 7650 Meter- Industry Leader exceeding Class 0.2 accuracy.

The ION 7650 features industry-leading capabilities and many other advanced features that make it ideal for power quality monitoring, grid-level metering, and compliance monitoring. Easy to use, reliable and cost-effective. It is an enhanced model of the ION 7600, designed to include expanded onboard memory, enhanced communications options, and high-resolution sampling.

ION 7650 Key Features

  • Exceeds Class 0.2 revenue accuracy
  • True RMS 3-phase voltage, current, and power
  • Instantaneous 3-phase voltage, current, frequency, and power factor
  • Energy: bi-directional, absolute, net, time-of-use, and loss compensation
  • Demand: rolling block, predicted, and thermal
  • Up to 1024 samples per cycle
  • Harmonics: individual and total harmonic distortion up to the 63rd (511th using ION Enterprise software)
  • Sag/Swell
  • Waveform recording
  • Transient detection
  • Number of Nines (power availability)
  • Symmetrical components
  • K-Factor for voltage and current inputs
  • Crest Factor using ION Enterprise software