Infrared thermography for predictive maintenance (PdM) and condition -based monitoring (CBM)

Do you have hot spots in your Facility’s Electrical Systems?

Many EA clients have benefited from the predictive quality of our Infrared Thermography Services [ITS]. ITS unobtrusively detects overheated conditions within your facility’s electrical systems before a potential failure leads to an unplanned and costly shutdown.

After collaborating with each client, we create a detailed inspection plan. Then we perform an exhaustive inspection of all electrical distribution systems as outlined in the plan. Inspected areas with a temperature above normal will be prioritized according to the degree to which the temperature is elevated and the related loads affected. This information is compiled in a concise reference binder so we have ongoing performance data and benchmarks that allow us to review actionable items.

Our mutual review helps you schedule a planned shutdown and ensure the physical inspection, maintenance, repair, and or replacement of a suspect electrical distribution or component system BEFORE a potentially hazardous failure leads to a facility shutdown.

The frequency of subsequent inspections is based on a number of factors such as findings in the initial report, systems reliability, the age and general condition of specific equipment, and the criticality of a particular system.