Detailed system studies:
A powerful preventative measure

Has your data centre or production facility passed a Short Circuit Study?

To round out our full electrical engineering and design services, we will complete a full Short Circuit, Coordination and Arc Flash Hazard Study. The short circuit study shall consider operation during normal conditions, alternate operations, emergency power conditions, and any other operations that may result in maximum fault conditions. The results of our detailed power system study are summarized in a final report to include the following:


  • Introduction, executive summary and recommendations, assumptions, impedance one-line drawing, and copies of the project one-line drawing
  • The engineering report includes all short circuit and arc heat exposure computer calculations based on IEEE Standard 1584
  • Recommendations for “Personal Protective Equipment” resulting from the Engineering Study will be based on current CSA Z-462-15 requirements
  • The final report will include a paper version of warning signs for “Shock and Arc Flash Hazards”
  • Supply for vinyl, self-adhesive arc flash warning labels on lamacoid backing in a 4” x 6” format for all electrical equipment supporting the data centre.