Are your data centre costs
out of control? Floating Head Technology helps you save money and extend your CAC lifecycle

Achieve huge energy savings with Floating Head Technology!

Computer room air conditioning units (CRACs) play an integral role in data centers, maintaining precise air temperature, humidity, and circulation in mission-critical computing environments. These CRAC units have evolved over time and include more sophisticated climate control techniques, however; legacy units rely on a relatively unsophisticated air conditioning strategy of operating at high fixed condensing pressures and temperatures. This technology uses more power and shortens the life of your equipment combining to increase operating costs.

Floating head pressure is a sophisticated climate-control technology that reduces energy consumption in air conditioning systems in data centres. This technology provides more efficient heat rejection from existing CRAC unit condensers. Utilizing low ambient conditions allows EA retrofitted CRACs to operate at much lower head pressures 80% of the year in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). As a result, these units achieve tremendous energy savings and greatly reduce the wear and tear on the compressors due to running at much lower pressures.

The EA Group pioneered and perfected Floating Head Technology for the data centre world, and we can help you extend the life of your computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units and save you money.

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