“Real World” solutions to keep your mission critical site running 24/7

Inside, outside, upside-down and sideways.

Mission critical sites require reliable and adaptable equipment to manage the demands of a 24/7 facility. Many of the industries’ leading products have limitations, inflexibilities and, in some cases, simply have not kept up with industry advancements.

We pride ourselves on producing the most innovative electrical products available.

We listen to your requirements, discuss your concerns, and implement a “real world” solution. Whether it involves modifying an existing piece of equipment or building something from the ground up, our design/build team has a refreshing commitment to detail, quality craftsmanship, and professional service.

Progressive Solutions

Example 1) A client required a specialized power distribution cabinet for a series of small telecommunication rooms. In response, we developed a revolutionary PDU, complete with utility and generator inputs feeding a harmonic cancellation transformer and on-board UPS system. A manual generator transfer switch supports both utility and UPS supported distribution panels in conjunction with a complete wrap-around bypass for the entire UPS system. The P.C.C. (Power Conditioning Center) contains T.V.S.S. protection and a state-of-the-art metering package with network adaptability. The entire unit is assembled into a 32 x 44 footprint and gave the customer a product that is easily installed and ready for operation.

Example 2) Specific bypass systems for full maintenance or replacement of UPS systems continue to be a constant focus with the IT world. Although these are available from the UPS manufacturers, we provided a higher level of reliability and adaptability. With features from electrically or manually-controlled keyed interlocked three breaker systems to local selector switching, or PLC control, the EA Group continues to be the industry leader in contemporary bypass schemes.

Example 3) To meet the ever-growing demands of portable generators and their installation on mission-critical sites, we developed an approved stainless steel outdoor connection enclosure. The unit comes complete with; foolproof interlocked inputs up to 350 amps, input circuit isolation and protection, phase rotation, and ground fault indication.