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ION 7550 Meter- Faster and Enhanced

Featuring a wealth of advanced features, high accuracy measurements, and robust construction, the ION 7550 offers value, functionality, and ease of use. It has all the capabilities of its predecessor, the ION 7500, and more – including faster sampling rate, expanded onboard memory and enhanced communications options.

ION 7550 Key Features

  • Exceeds Class 0.2 revenue accuracy
  • True RMS 3-phase voltage, current, and power
  • Instantaneous 3-phase voltage, current, frequency, and power factor
  • Energy: bi-directional, absolute, net, time-of-use, and loss compensation
  • Demand: rolling block, predicted, and thermal
    256 samples per cycle
  • Harmonics: individual and total harmonic distortion up to the 63rd
  • Sag/Swell
  • Waveform recording
  • Number of Nines (power availability)
  • K-Factor for voltage and current inputs
  • Crest Factor using ION Enterprise software