The Series 1200 PDU

effectively manages large

scale supply to branch

circuit distribution.

S1200 COMPACT ELECTRICAL ENCLOSURE with “I-line” Distribution Panel

A compact electrical enclosure, the EA Group Series 1200 PDU, effectively manages large scale supply-to-branch circuit distribution, such as the Series 400 PDU.

The Series 1200 PDU has been designed with a focus on adaptability and safety. The “I-line” distribution panel delivers first-rate quality and un-matched protection for on-site technicians. This style of real-world design, along with a variety of transformation, metering, and wiring options make the Series 1200 PDU an exceptional solution.


  • Easily adaptable for any application through a variety of supply, distribution, and transformation options.

  • Extensive monitoring and metering capabilities – network adaptable.

  • Compact design accommodates ten 3-pole distribution breakers within a small footprint

  • Copper bus on all power connections for maximum reliability.

  • User-friendly installation and utilization.

  • Industry standard components, attainable throughout North America.

  • Cost effective, large-scale power distribution with small-scale adaptability.

  • C.S.A. approved.


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