We take maintenance seriously.
Our job: Keep you running 24-7.

Downtime is not an option for HVAC systems in data center and server room applications

High performance HVAC equipment reduces energy use and emissions, with savings ranging from 10-40%. Specialized cooling systems required for data centers and server rooms are vital components of any business or government agency. Unlike comfort air conditioning, these HVAC systems not only ensure the correct temperature, but they also regulate humidity, and minimize dust. In data center and server room applications, downtime is not an option. At the E.A. Group, our team of professionals keep these critical systems working 100% of the time.

Cost effective HVAC systems for facility operators

Whether you are building a new facility or changing an existing one to adapt to new requirements, mechanical/HVAC systems are a critical component to facility operations and must be part of a cost-effective, integrated plan to deliver maximum benefits to your operation. At the E.A. Group, our designers, project managers and estimators provide consistent design and installation support for your building project.

We understand that every project is unique. Projects can include everything from custom-built HVAC systems, refrigeration, exhaustion or building automation to air quality controls in specialized production environments. Whatever your project, we provide customized, cost-effective solutions and support and serve as a single source electrical contractor for mission critical sites.